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Super September backstage tidbits review

Sep-16-2013 PST

Saradomin or Zamorak victory, Lumbridge battle to a dramatic climax time has come. In order not to be eliminated, and the rest in September has the splendid feeling - complete super challenge hero gears and double XP gear axis axcellent short series mission; To a crazy besides Vorago; And claim rule Daemonheim a set of new town task!


Super September


Member - dual challenge XP and the 'hero' challenge in September! In September, we are trying a new bonuses: "super challenge" this month, complete the challenge of super huge rewards every day, plus a boost XP often challenge! The event is called super in September, it used the challenge system (for those who did not use it, challenge system display content, you may have forgot to give you a new challenge, and finish in a day Runescape).


September will be a new super super challenge your challenge system every day in September, the traditional challenges. The challenge is not what you expect, they will be "super hero challenge", they will ask you to cross the world, and the other superhero, and bring justice to the world of RUNESCAPE. Prepare to eat inventoryloads bananas, the king and queen, RUNESCAPE and kill villains in the world!


There will be a new super challenge every day, from now on, so regular login challenge. For those who complete the challenge of a super hero, supplied with a heavy amount of XP. And that's not all: if you are a continuous active superhero, you can see the part. Hero reward is every five challenges you complete, including a complete superhero equipment, super champion, lightning, and his claws, a super hero shield cover, and my personal favorite - a new expression, this need you have soared through the air, sharply down on the ground of your fist on the hips, like a real hero! 30 players to complete all the challenges, among other things, will receive a gold version of the super hero and equipment.


Two super challenges will have a table HISCORE, each for a week. Farmyard manure wild "and" bulldog "will give you as much time as possible to complete their requirements, as long as you like, features a seasonal HISCORE table of supreme super hero. In the end of the week, on the table before 1000 will receive 2 new title, if you haven't won it all 30 super challenge, gold version of the super hero and equipment.


If you want to learn more from your super September, no further look at your challenge than to challenge the traditional listing. In the process of more than nine months, the challenge will be to provide XP 2 times, and had a generous city challenge will give 1.25 XP! So, remember to check your superhero challenge every day, before the end of September to them! Assembly of the super hero!