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Super September and lucky clover review

Sep-12-2013 PST

On September 11, 2013 of the challenge is to divine forgive, divine from at least four people reap the same a wisp of divine forgiveness.


Lucky clover


Improve your XP, bonus Runescape Gold, and seize the opportunity is rare fortune's project requirements and clover necklace, spinning wheel, you will see three clover necklace up for grabs. Equipment, and take some enemies or develop a skills - you will see all RS gold drop increases and all XP boost in all skills: two leaf clover necklace increase XP is up 1%. Three leaf clover necklace increase XP is up 2%. Four leaf clover necklace increase XP is up 3%.


Although old, lucky clover necklace provides the opportunity to win more trophies. Cash prizes including prismatic lamp, bag, a leaf clover awarded + 5 to 30 minutes, a random skills upgrading and a lucky project usually only pouring to win! Everyone has at least one spin, can earn more through games every day. Click here to find out how. If you want to learn more, you can buy here.