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Stock up rs gold to enjoy Spring Fayre time

Apr-26-2017 PST

Since Build A Fayre has been ended, the rest of the Spring Fayre is coming. During this time, you can the join activities to get the XP Award. Wanna stock up your rs gold, here Rsgoldfast will give you the cheapest price and instant delivery.

What activities can you join in?

Chinchompa Hunt: Once per day you can search it for chinchompas for free (with a charge for extra goes) to find rare outfits pieces, but beware, the map will refresh every week!

Scavenger Hunt: Trixie needs some items. If you help him out, you can get a medium thieving lamp.

The Festive/Easter Eggs: You can collect this eggs if you like. But you don't need to keep them.

Helter Skelter: You will receive a prize ticket when you ride the Helter Skelter from top to bottom.

Claw-dia Stall: You can win fabulous prizes from this hook.

Zoltan Machine: You will receive a gloomy misfortune, and collect all 17 to complete your misery!

Fortune Teller: If you do the skill related to the fortune, you can get and receive an XP reward.

In addition, there are other activities are waiting for you, such as Hook a Duck, Bucking Baroo, Pickaxe Wanging, Test of Strength, Agility Funhouse, Candy Floss, Dancing and Portals.

What award can you receive?

Every day you’ll receive 100 tokens to spend how you like in the Fayre. Taking part in any attraction will award XP and give you a chance at a prize ticket.

When you’ve got enough tickets, you can spend them on any prize you like. Prizes can be purchased from many of the Fayre vendors in a tradeable token form. Speak to Nixie, Rixie, or Prezleek to see what prizes are on offer! You also have a rare chance of winning prize tokens while taking part in the Fayre activities.

Keep up with the Spring Fayre Happy hour schedule to get in at the best times, and have fun!

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Enjoy your game!

Rsgoldfast Team