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Spend Summer In RuneScape On The Road To Elf City

May-29-2014 PST

Get your hands on an exclusive Summer Special membership package today. Save yourself over 25% on 3 months membership and get an XP boosting aura and amulet to help prepare for the Elf City launch!


The Enlightenment Aura grants you a double XP boost for 2 hours every week throughout June, July and August! Even once summer's over, the aura's yours forever and as long as you're a member in future summers, you'll get the same bonus then.


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You'll also get the Crystal Amulet: an elven artefact that gives you daily XP towards the skills required for the Elf City. It'll also let you collect elven resources before the gates of Prifddinas open. Visit the wiki for details of how the amulet works.


Note that Gold Premier Club members and those of you who've held 12 consecutive months of membership as of today will get the aura and amulet automatically, at no additional cost. If you don't have them right away, don't worry we'll be adding them for everyone shortly.


Get your Summer Special membership now at over 25% discount, or by redeeming 5 Bonds via your Extras tab. The offer is available for six weeks only, so subscribe now and be ready as soon as summer starts!


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