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Special Guests of the Podcast RuneScape

Jul-23-2013 PST

The latest podcast RuneScape is now available for download! In the outnumbered JMods by community members! How can become - in their favour? You must listen to our new podcasts in Podbean or iTunes to find!

Enough to tease! Now it's time to reveal our special guest's identity. Greeting video masters and first-class RuneScape rap; The first killer a Regicidal Dardan, Vorago; Ryan from RUNESCAPE wiki; And from RuneZone Nathan Road. Join them behind the microphone MODS phoenix, sushi Pi and Jane. Each fan of RuneScape everyone who gets some good well-meaning joke, you should check this one! You can find this and all we used to podcasts and Podbean iTunes.

Don't forget to adjust next week from the dead series, winner of the dominance of RuneScape, dod osborne and his guests MODS Raven and Moltare another session. This topic will be, many of us have been waiting for: the story behind the world events. If you want to engaged in to make sure that you post your question with # runecast BBS or sing.

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