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Something special of runescape will take place in September

Sep-02-2013 PST

Summon up your courage, forget the fear and the impact of the harsh super challenge ready time - this is super in September! In September a new bonuses: every day of a month will be a super challenge you to solve, plus double XP regularly challenge. Do a hero responsibility and done some really sensational September super rewards with much RS Gold!


Super challenge will take many forms, a full range of your superhero ability will be tested. From crush the enemy in battle, collecting projects; Across the world, a specific skills improve, help those who need to eat a big part of the food. Each super challenge to finally is completely different!


No heroic deed to you planned to. As a super challenge after completion and delivery, you will receive a heavy XP skills in your chosen Runescape Gold. Once you start to really prove your perseverance and frame multiple super challenge have been completed, you will be rewarded spectacular landmark award. Super hero equipment, super champion, a new expression, lightning, claws and superman shielding cover all of the available - the most powerful hero beat five Runescape after super challenge, you will receive your first!


Make a move, you each super challenge will be valid only for a day. You miss a lower super close to the end of the September take the opportunity of the particular milestone award. Complete all 30, including other rewards, you will get a gold version of the superhero costumes every week, two super challenge myself HISCORE table. Complete the farmyard manure wild and bulldog many times, as long as you like it, make it their hiscores. Before the end of the week, 1000 contestants will receive 2 new titles and gold superhero costumes!


September have super level, like all other challenges, will pass to the member to provide "challenge" TAB. If you desire to challenge remains immortal, but still is the daily challenges - every super completed during September will have double XP, and town challenges X1.25 XP! Super began on September 1 on Sunday September 00:00 GMT, and draw conclusions on September 30th 23:59 GMT (Monday). As a sneak peak of what expectation, this is your first day of the challenge... Miracle recovery - trigger 10 signs of recovery. Log in every day, and complete each a super challenge to prove your strength, bring justice Gielinor and earn returns a stack of along the way!