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Something on day 3 of Super September

Sep-04-2013 PST

On September 3, 2013 challenge is all dance together. Do a dance performance, and requires at least 10 people are dancing around. You only have one day to complete the challenge, so fast - you won't get a second chance! Each super challenge, will reward you with XP and continuous super hero can see the part of the active, it can be finished in each of the five challenges to receive super hero as the theme of the awards.


For those who seek fame, farmyard manure wild "and" bulldog "super challenge, there will be a table HISCORE, the last 1 week. The table on the top 1000, received a special award. If you want to join the super in September, it is important to note that these challenges are provided to members only.


Other news


Vorago deadly green bomb rotate play this week, we are and Mod Chris L (Vorago developer) to run a special Twitch activities, participate in the Mod from QA team Ryan and Mod Oliver. Join our our Twitch. TV channel on September 5th (Thursday) at 6 PM (BST).


We added a timer fans, many of your favorite potion effect and ability of icon, so you can see how long more accurately, they have to leave.


Lumbridge reward and the last layer - the battle of layer 3 seven weeks - has now been unlocked. There is also a new dilemma at duke university, to consider in Lumbridge castle.


Inspection lovely and warm golden chinchompa until Friday. Want to know more details will come RSGoldFast.COM quickly!