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Something new on sales of Solomon


Something new on sales of Solomon

All the respect of adventurers, such as savings, so humble opinion shop. Starting tonight, I took a spectacular sales! For the next seven days, I have discounted most stores project. Members and free players can enjoy a series of wonderful projects, in reducing loyalty points or RuneCoin price with Runescape Gold.


All the items sold, loyalty points to buy the loyalty point costs a staggering 50% deduction, this means that the famous project confounded loyalty RUNESCAPE members. On top of this, I would be glad to offer a discount of 20-40% of all eligible RuneCoin project cost. If you have your eyes fine project, is now a brilliant time to indulge.


My sales started, Sept. 24 (Tuesday) 00:00 GMT, and concludes that 23:59 GMT on Monday, September 30, so please don't in this window to visit my store, look at all the first-class goods at a discount. If you want to purchase additional RuneCoins, you can do it, here or click "buy" RuneCoins inside my store. Member free project is the present title: wild. To find the new Solomon items in runescape from

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