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Something happening in the world of runescape

Jun-29-2013 PST

Congratulations Stefanmoek won a "contest of your Runescape trip" first, win Runescape member for life, driven by a huge 36% of the total votes! Also congratulations to our two runners-up RayquazaZer green olivine, like Stephanmoek - they will also gain can use in our digital store, £25 coupons.

If you missed any video from the list for the first time, you can still check their Runescape in a dedicated YouTube channel playlist. Finally, we received a huge response from kui not equal to Runescape Gold the game, really will be sent to hundreds of video from all over the world and some fantastic news BBS to share on social networking sites and RS and feedback. As thanks for take time to have such a great video content, we will also be awarded to the rest of the video makers nominated a month of free Runescape membership! Thanks again to everyone who voted for their favorite!

This weekend (June 29 and 30), we will perform the inauguration of our new players welcome weekend. This will be a recurring series, the first weekend we encourage new players some exciting Runescape distraction and diversions. We hope that a lot of players, the new and the old, finish some D&DS will take part in at the end of the week. For more information, please check our BBS theme.

Rune tip is looking for knowledgeable player on the pitch and update some outdated guide on its website. If you want to lend a helping hand, their BBS look at this thread, to learn more. In addition, if you took a fancy to their win Runescape member three months, while the rune tips website to learn more Runescape community participation and attention. If you are looking for some great and detailed video guide Runescape, why disorderly Scapers channels to find out the UK? Guide to earning money from the boss, you can find some useful things!