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Something about the Runescape Gold dwarf awards


Something about the Runescape Gold dwarf awards

Gold dwarf video awards from our society has been recognized as excellent video makers. However, there are so many people there, this year's golden gnomes spread small wings, beyond video production - this year, we are celebrating the GNOME is worth, we find that it's brilliant! This means that the talented musicians, artists, HISCORE legends and the stage of cosplay fanatics will be Shared with the video company of RUNESCAPE at this year's RuneFest - everyone wants to get their hands coverted gnome D '.


Will surprise gold dwarf award, we will tell you about the night, and for our official RuneFest contest winners will also be GGAS categories. And the launch of the game today! They are respectively: art contest RuneFest. Gallery in RuneFest will be home and we can get our hands on the art of the best players. We have such a great gallery space, send us to fill our favorite art bring a: do you have any colour RuneFest this year. RuneFest CosPlay play big fireworks.


RuneFest if you come, I hope you have already started planning your clothing, is quietly approached the appearance of your favorite NPC get just right. We have already seen some incredible clothing in RuneFest, we can't wait to add GGA prizes, the winners will be their home.


Video inspired gold gnome community in the first place, so it is the only correct, we are this year's game has entered a new gear. We spread net than ever more widely, the most detailed search in our best picture. Call the video or nominate a person to - we don't want to leave a try every way!


Give me a gnome because... Competition. We host the classification of the queue, but maybe we have missed something. Maybe you or someone you know skills, just can't class in a box, box. Thank Zamorak, then, to give me a gnome, because... Award. To enter, just tell us why you (or your nominated person) should win. Win the most compelling message, we received! GGA dedicated thread, here you can find all the details of each game, including the rules, terms and conditions, of course, those all important awards! Please refer to the details. I wish you good luck and all, I hope I can quickly improve your glass in gold dwarf awards with Old School Runescape Gold!!!

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