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Something about how to Fighting with Vorago

Jul-05-2013 PST

Vorago struggle, is the death of a THROWDOWN five stages, each stage has different range of deadly attacks. He made? Use some of the attacks will be different, week by week, so, even if you know how he fight, you will really need in your toes. At various stages of progress is the only way to rebuild, and eventually beat Vorago the only weapons ever, put his lights - a sign of the legendary hammer.

Vorago body jammed weapon, and must be left at some point in the battle - a, two, four stages. You need to work how to get the weapon for his work, but we can say that in order to succeed, you need to use the environment to Vorago. See out the clues, and in the chat box - you need to fully pay attention to the use of Vorago armor. Beat Vorago at the end of the fifth stage, a player will need to have three pieces of the hammer, and place them together into the weapon. Note that weapon does not need to be equipped with complete Vorago - just to the player's inventory.

We hope you enjoy working on how to beat Vorago, so we release his mechanics for four weeks after the launch of the detailed information. After that, if you want to work the boss how to detailed information, please visit the wiki.


Shall prevail, and there will be some amazing returns. Is one of the most important 90 gems: earthquake rods (mh) and singular (break) the earthquake. These powerful weapons, sit to fight for their style most tank gear along drygore weapons and to promote a crossbow. Relegated them to do it, but they can repair a sum of gold Lumbridge Bob's axis, such as the arms merchant, or in the right pretend to player owned house.

Others include energy structure, common down - there are 90 + Runecrafting levels and bind stone, guild from magic armor shop - armor can be used to create structure. This powerful magic level 90 gear including the top of the gown, and at the bottom of the robe at the helm, power is the best type of magic armor. It reduces, but does not repair - once after it is run out, it disappeared, or must be made to purchase again.Need to be aware of can neither be bought or sold, is equipped with the structure of the armor. Earthquake weapon degradeable weapons such as working in the same way - as long as they began to reduce, they are not to trade, until it is repaired.

In addition to other high value drops, also have a chance for an ancient stone, vitaly - - when using activation, followed a new pet. Vorago produce five drops in his defeat, high-performance tank and DPS the highest priority. Fighting hard, perform your combat roles as well as the best chance of survival, to the famous returns.