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Some useful skill of QBD Runescape

May-25-2013 PST

Tortured soul

QBD will summon demons system will remind you that the queen black dragon summons one of its ehrs captured, covering the soul has 1600 HP, phase 2 ~ 4 USES, phase 2 call 1 only, phase3 summons 2, only phase4 summon 4. Demons with melee attacks (is very weak, can be ignored), and other special attacks

Chaotic cloud

Covering the soul will be at the moment she summoned with this skill, demons will talk, talk after 1 seconds an energy group will be under your feet, was present at the meeting by 1 k or so. Every once in a while for the demons will transmit to you use this skill, QBD will summon demons to supplement the new killed. Note: if the demons can't transmit to you around the location (EG: site edge, hatred spirit not transmitted to the surface), the demons would be transferred to a random location, this increases the energy group's difficult to avoid

Coping skills, as shown in the "1 s" across the demons, energy group will hit shows, this requires a strong sense of rhythm, slowly you will be hit, happy energy will follow you run until it hit you (or the energy ball will disappear automatically after 10 seconds). For beginners it is the most deadly skills, especially in phase 4. Phase2, demons will appear on the west side of your phase3 demons can appear on either side of you, phase4 hatred spirit, will appear in the upper left corner of your lower left, upper right, lower right one. If you don't leave, tank or run it for you

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