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Some updates in Old School RuneSape


Some updates in Old School RuneSape

Yesterday, OSRS released some QoL updates in this week. Also this week, you can use the “Buy 50” option in all shops when having to buy multiple items. but its will not be live in King of the Skill worlds as to not impact strategies mid-way through the contest.


OSRS Serpentine Helm


Now, when you wear the Serpentine Helmet. you are granted to immunity to venom and poison. Similarly, when your opponent is not immunity, they also get venomous damage. But it will only apply to NPCs.


The chance of venom:


1) 16.7% - when using a a non-poisoned melee weapon;


2) 50% - when using a poison-inflicting weapon, such as the Dragon Dagger Poisoned, poisoned arrows and bolt (excluding Emerald bolts (e));


3) 100% - when using a venom-inflicting weapon, such as the Toxic Blowpipe.


Pizzaz Hat


Destroying the Pizzaz Hat from Mage Training Arena will no longer wipe a player's Pizzaz points. Apologies to all Pizzaz Hats that are about to be destroyed.


Ahrim's Staff

Ahrim's staff has been one of the worst magic weapons in the game, because of its being 2-handed. but now it can supply a 5% Magic damage increase. Do you think its the worst magic weapons.


In short, enjoy these QoL updates in Old School RuneSape. Tomorrow, "Black Friday" Event will start! You enjoy the more cheap RS3 gold, OSRS gold and more.  Just remember this event will be only on Rsgoldfast.


See you tomorrow!

Rsgoldfast Team

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