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Some different Gold Chinchompa introduction in Runescape

Oct-07-2013 PST

This week's scream noise wealth gold chinchompa feeding, with the help of a blow out gold and valuables bang!Jump to the scream of wealth, you will find the gold chinchompas, food packaging bags and timer.


Chinchompa won his gold, and in the side.You'll also notice that it is hungry, so it has a special chinchompa feeding food from food packaging bags, screaming or from skilling wealth - gold and it will grow a randomly selected item from the list of valuable reward, reward you. Once it is fully grew up, it will do, let nature take its course of chinchompas and explosive, blasting into heavy Runescape Gold awards and several projects from the list!


Check-out table at the bottom of the golden chinchompa wiki page to see a list of possible random awards. There are three kinds of food chinchompa.Each individual chinchompa have type has the following three types: dry pepper, curry lard, pure caffeine. You gold chinchompa growth will depend on you to select which type and how many, they like it, and make more money.The faster you fatten your furry friends, sooner or later you will earn your reward!Any remaining gold chinchompas in promotion is in too will disappear, so hello, rodents!


Explosion, once you chinchompa, you will get a headstone items placed in your player owned house, you can win more gold chinchompas constantly scream from wealth more rewards - a total of three.Food occur frequently and large food packaging bags, a scream of wealth to the circulation.You can also earn more by the following skills training: dried chilli: buildings, Herblore, mining, logging, arts and crafts;Lard curry chicken nuggets: cooking, Firemaking, hunter, Runecrafting, agile;Pure caffeine: agriculture, forestry, fishing, thieves, the arrow feather, forging.


Your chinchompa will only eat, an increase of 100%, it is hungry, that is why the timer scream for wealth.Win a speed up the time until chinchompa hungry!Gold chinchompas, food bag, the timer (Friday) from September 6 to September 16 (Monday) 23:59 GMT 00:00 GMT screaming wealth.Everyone has at least one spin, can earn more through games every day.Click here to find out how.If you want to learn more, you can buy the rotation here, or by clicking on the "add spin" wealth the scream of the interface.