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Solomon Store Launched Retro Armor Barros

Dec-10-2014 PST

My range of retro overrides are expanding even further – it now includes the Barrows sets, all of which are now available in Solomon’s General Store! These six brothers have long been the bane of many heroes, and now you’ll be able to take up the original appearance of their renowned gear.


Each brother's personal kit is here, along with armour and weapons which stay true to the original set – that includes Torag’s two hammers! Opt for whichever combat style suits you the best, or chose the brothers you wish to herald the most! All of my sets of replicate the original design of the armour and override your appearance only.


Get more RuneCoins to use in my shop by redeeming Bonds in-game, by clicking ‘Buy RuneCoins’ when you’re in Solomon’s store, or by visiting our billing page directly.