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Solomon General Store Runescape Wings III

Aug-19-2014 PST

I’m extending my Wings series with two new awesome wings and I’m chucking two new tails in too! This new stock has landed in my shop at exactly the right time as it coincides with a major update to your cape slot!


The team have been working tirelessly to improve the cape slot and now you’ll never have to make the difficult decision whether to wear your wings or your cape; now you can don your feathers and capes together!



I know you’re dying to know everything about my newest wings and the wait is now over! The impressive Dwarven Warsuit Wings will set your Dwarven Warsuit off nicely, but they pack just as much punch worn alone. The second winged offering I have for you are my new Blade Wings, pictured above, which feature some pretty sharp edges!


On top of that - or perhaps more appropriately, on the bottom of that, I’ve also got two new tails. The vibrant Inari tail is based on my nine-tailed Inari fox pet and the Skeletal tail is constructed from cold, hard bone that will strike fear into your enemies' hearts!

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