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Solomon General Retail Store Supervisor Garments

Nov-04-2014 PST

You can now attire similar to a supervisor with my latest garments. Those two fatal-looking override units even offer remarkable visual enhancements to the bravest individuals.

When you buy possibly attire during my shop you are going to receive an impressive foundation edition. Go forth and overcome the boss where your ensemble is situated 5 times to open the improved variations - including enormous wings, particle results, and much more!

Outfit 1: King Black Dragon – sinister and glaring, this draconic outfit will have your adversaries hot under the collar!

Outfit 2: Nex – a sleek, fanged offering, this demonic delight will give you an air of ancient power!

Equally Manager garments can be purchased in my store now, happen in for a close look. You can find more RuneCoins to utilize during my shop by redeeming Ties in-online game, by simply clicking Buy RuneCoins if you are inside my shop, or by visiting our payment webpage specifically.