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Small events in RuneScape

Nov-03-2017 PST

Halloween 2017 is over, but our site event is not over yet. Until the November 6th buy RuneScape Gold you can enjoy the 5% discount. The following is a small activity in this week.




Time:1st November -23:59 game time on the 6th November




Please collect various supreme stars on Treasure Hunter, double the Bonus XP of regular fallen stars.


A player Gawad get the RuneScape Beaver


If you want to get the beaver OSRS you must pass the hard training Woodcutting. A player Gawad promised to release something about Beaver on Reddit every day. He has been kept on doing long time. As a matter of fact, he has been kept on doing this all the time, which draws much attention on Reddit, including J Mod. Now through his long effort, he got RuneScape Beaver. Let us congratulate to this persistent player.


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Happy weekend


Rsgoldfast Team