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Skilling on Runescape Fossil Island

Apr-17-2017 PST

From Fossil Island you will have a chance to train up and put your skills to work in new and interesting ways. Just a few are detailed below.

Hardwood Farming

Requiring level 35 and 55 Farming respectively, Teak and Mahogany trees can be grown within three, side-by-side tree patches.

Tracking and Herblore

Throughout Fossil Island a roaming, plant-like animal can be tracked. This creature possesses an interesting trait: when fed herb seeds, it will grow the herbs on their back.

If you are able to track this creature down, you can feed it herb seeds of your choosing and track it after time has passed to harvest the herbs. The usual Herblore requirements and experience also apply when growing herbs with this animal.

Ultra Compost

The volcanic ash found on Fossil Island offers excellent properties for use in Farming, and can be mixed with Harralander in order to create a Compost Potion. This requires level 17 Herblore. But they are only currently available as a reward upon completion of Garden of Tranquility and as a reward from Nightmare Zone.

When used directly on a bucket of supercompost, volcanic ash will create ultracompost. Alternatively, volcanic ash can be used directly on a full compost bin containing supercompost in order to upgrade it to ultracompost.

Bird House Traps

Requiring Crafting and Hunter to create, bird house traps can be placed on Fossil Island to lure in and capture birds. They offer the experience rates superior to any other method between levels 5 and 35 Hunter, alongside some nominal Crafting experience.

Bird House require Crafting Lvl 5 and Hunter Lvl 5, Oak Bird House require Crafting Lvl 15 and Hunter Lvl 14, Willow Bird House require Crafting Lvl 25 and Hunter Lvl 24, Teak Bird House require Crafting Lvl 35 and Hunter Lvl 34.

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