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Skill Outfit Head Add Ons With Treasure Hunter

Sep-26-2014 PST

Bedeck your bonce with the very finest in skilling headwear - on Treasure Hunter this weekend!


Win add-ons for your favourite skill outfit headpieces, and they'll gain wicked hood-style features: teleports, free items and some sweet skill training benefits.


From 01:00 UK time, 26th September until 00:59 UK time, 30th September, you'll have a chance to win permanent add-ons for these skill outfit pieces:

    Artisan's bandana
    Blacksmith's helmet
    Diviner's headwear
    Shaman's headdress


Each day, these modified headpieces will give you teleports to a useful skilling location, free items and - when worn - skilling benefits. They'll be improved visually, too.


Modified artisan's bandana:

    Teleports to the Crafting Guild
    Gives wet clay
    5% chance to save leather while crafting


Modified blacksmith's helmet:

    Teleports to the Artisans' Workshop
    Gives coal
    5% chance to save coal while smelting


Modified diviner's headwear:

    Teleports to the Guthixian Shrine (after The World Wakes) or May Stormbrewer
    Gives chronicles
    5% chance to save 50% energy while weaving or transmuting


Modified shaman's headdress:

    Teleports to Bogrog
    Gives spirit shards
    5% chance to save charms while infusing (checked before spirit gems)


You'll get more free items if you own at least four pieces of the relevant skill outfit (including the headpiece).


Don't have the headpieces? No problem! We're upping the chance to win the headgear over the four day period, and you won't win an add-on unless you already own its matching headpiece.


Everyone gets at least one Treasure Hunter Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. There are many ways to get more, simply by playing the game.


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