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Runescape premier club 2018

Nov-27-2017 PST

2018 is coming soon, there will be lots of new updates in Runescape and the members will receive more, especially Gold members. Now, let us share of you the benefits in Runescape members.


The benefits for Runescape Gold Premier Club members:


Become the Gold Premier Club members not only you can enjoy the huge discount, but also enjoy the more reward.


1. Hellion Armour Runescape


2. Hellion Aura Runescape (with four beneficial effects)


a) Boosts your XP by +10% for one hour;


b) Give you and those around you an additional +10% XP boost for the first ten minute;


c) Provide one free death reclaim;


d) Hellion Aura to immediately reset it once a day.


3. Premier club reward token


Reward token can unlock Premier Club-exclusive items from previous years. but just for Gold or Silver, Silver members only one unlock select, gold members have many times.


4. The Premier Club Vault


Members can have a try for free until Nov. 30. If you buy 2018 Runescape Gold Premier Club membership, it will be available on a monthly basis.


Runescape Premier Club 2018 is awesome gameplay in the new years. And don't forget still to use the "black Friday Event" buy more cheap Runescape gold.


Rsgoldfast Team