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Runescape new system Alpha is updating for interface

May-18-2013 PST

The new interface alpha has formally operated for several weeks, now, we are pleased to see the player's reaction. You make full use of the system, and customization options and new functions (especially can adjust the size of a small map) is accepted by the players. As usual, your opinion is our development motivation, so we're always pay close attention to your requirements and ideas in the BBS. This update we have add some players are most in need of function, including:

Players control interface transparency: now, you can set the transparency level, you have opened the window of RuneScape Gold, so you can see what happened, while retaining in the game you need as much clarity as possible.

Interface lock: if you find a layout, you really like it now to lock in position.

Slim Windows Mode: thus reducing the height of the window's title bar, which means to watch the game world, you can maximize the amount of space available.

Today, open to all registered members, we have a new alpha interface. If you are not in the first place, you can now try the NIS, and on the BBS of our feedback to your comments!