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Runescape members only high tech agriculture

May-21-2013 PST

This is high-grade farmers beautiful spring, see today released 10 new plants grow slowly, and as a new agricultural and skills training. As the agricultural skill from 76 to 96, and by using some of the less use of land, high-tech training will make them grow faster. Ten new plants can be divided into two categories: the yield is high, or the experience gained through skills (except agriculture XP), of course.

In the first category, there are also some familiar, Ruth's grass and potatoes in the cactus - through farming for the first time. You can also find some new plants: reed bed, toad, tar, marsh and swamp lizard, iris, crop yield ruby, and have a chance to spawn a butterfly Guthixian, awarded to the lowest level of skills in the XP seized.

If you necessary construction skills, you can also grow grapes, to establish framework - harvest time - provided, alignment, Zamorak Saradomin Guthix godly grape crops. Fermentation of water, all of these become wine, can be mixed into their respective god rest or BREW potions, creating super Guthix the rest potions, brewing and super super Saradomin Zamorak brewing. And wishing well shrubs, in exchange for total skill level on the basis of a coin, produces its fruit. After open the fruit, you will find useful items, different values -- as much as three times, you put COINS - although beware, it could lose and gain wealth!

In the second class, you will find that the natural wonders of fly trap, to give the thief XP, if you can grab their fruit, your finger is in good condition. Shrubs barberry, agile XP offers flexible naturalist. Botanists fighting among you (we know where you will enjoy the harvest tuber sunchoke and prickly ash pears, respectively granted power and defense XP outdoor training. Non-agricultural skills XP harvest these plants are relatively in related to your current skill level.

Requirement: your Runescape membership must be. New seeds have a series of technical requirements. Construction of grapevine news frame building need to 60.