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Runescape members only Crystal Triskellion for you

Jun-09-2013 PST

Crystal triskellion is the key to a new unknown force, crushed into three parts. A new, the location of the secret treasure will be added to the game world to solve the piece together the key players who, found by hit a high level of in addition to magic target and engaged in all kinds of high level of technical content, three parts. Within each chest found loot will be quite spectacular. But the most important, it also contains some new hybrid transmission device, called Long Shi armor.

Keys and parts are not members of the trading, so a good gear will only find the player can collect to the work itself. Free players will be interested to know that however, Long Shi armor will provide to get them willing to players or exchanges. More great things to play game of hardened armor, this month the new power and magic skills of animation and some wonderful new cosmetics choice the ranger. Pull our community team really stopped in June and later - this is your year, after all, their players and in Galveston, let you involvement. Their weekly community circle, more attention!

If you are a manufacturers of video, be sure to have a look at our trip to have a chance to win a lifetime membership, Runescape and other amazing awards competition. In addition, now, the new interface system is in beta, open to all members, we would like to see what you can do. Keep track of your interface details of the competition - coming soon!

With the upcoming RS3 is team is working to update this summer in a huge range, all RUNESCAPE and functional link to the theme of the sixth age. This will be an amazing summer's content, but it means that the content of this month is the constantly changing. At the end of every BTS, we always said: "we will not launch" - this is very much, this month, if it is not good. That is why I only listed the orders of ascension and crystal Triskelion is new here, because we will certainly provide are those this month. We have a wrap in the development of other updates, weeks will have great content, but now I don't want to promise what will be. In order to give you an idea, we are trying to.