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Runescape is going to maintenance on July 17 morning

Jul-17-2013 PST

We will planned infrastructure maintenance on our servers, on July 17 (Wednesday) from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM BST start BST estimated finish time. Will remain available during this time, but it will be an increase in the number of disconnected and the potential performance problems, and for those at that time to play games in the world. We strongly recommend not toy challenging content, participate in PVP,  farming runescape gold, or use any kind of gear, you will not want to lose during maintenance.

As usual, we are looking for to make sure that our players have the best experience, and to play Runescape. Connection problems for those who have been in the past few weeks, please note that this maintenance is an important step to improve our network infrastructure, in order to reduce these problems. Once again thank you for your patience and we apologize, your game at any interference, which can lead to early.