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Runescape heads out again in game world

Jul-15-2013 PST

Five new killer Mask screaming wealth from July 12, 2013, five killer monster theme: Mask of Mourning (banshees), Mask of Gelatin (jellies), Mask of Dust (Dust devils), Mask of Granite (gargoyles), Mask of Vines (mutated jadinkos). Equipment killer Mask, you Aoll found that it was facing and relevant operational statistics creatures fight, boost damage (if you're in a related task killer), and additional killer XP is made! You Aoll can earn double drops every ten creatures, you killed, moxa, AOS convenient counter and tell you how much you, Aove one so far.

While wearing every mask, you can ensure that once a day - your next killer allocation is the representative of the monster, and transferred to the creatures can be found, twice a day. Every partial membrane also serves as a mask, banshee masks as a set of earmuffs. After specified kills, will no longer give XP rewards with Runescape Gold, extra damage or double drops. It will retain its other functions, though, you will unlock the ability, the switch to a new form of "steering". At the helm of form not only look more cool, it makes great expression of biological characteristic.

In addition to the magic mask is how to work any problems? Have a look at our frequently asked questions. You, you Aoll has the best chance to win new and old mask from 12 July (Friday) 00:00 GMT, on July 21, until 23:59 GMT on Sunday. After that, the masks will stay in the "wealth" scream, but you will see them as often. If, AOS is insufficient, maximize your killer XP profit and killer pendant and charging gem scream for wealth, until 21 July.