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Runescape get the story of HTML5 and social control

May-08-2013 PST

Runescape, the popular free value-added, browser-based MMORPG, is expected to be updated, will completely redefine games including audio and graphics. The formal launch of the game we have on hand, called RUNESCAPE 3, to find out more RuneScape Gold are in store.


First, the new title is called Runescape 3, it will not do with the existing game world, it is the evolution of a 12-year-old title. The new version will be as a game played in the browser, simply roll off all the players at the same time, without having to download a new client or GB update.


The jagex RUNESCAPE publishers, design director Mark Ogilvie said: our game world is never closed, we forced our players to no downtime.


All the changes, it is to move to HTML5, this is the most obvious. HTML5 changes, the most important part of WebGL support, which is an OpenGL-based 3D graphics API. In short, it means that the computer graphics rendering and 3D graphics acceleration, without the use of plug-ins that can be tapped.


Running on a PC the Google C hrome browser NVIDIA graphics test the game, the change is obvious and direct. With the the Runescape current Java-based client-side, the draw distance is relatively poor, with a constant feeling, your character runs through the fog landscape. With Runescape HTML5 engine, you will get a far superior traction distance, so that the game world Gielinor life.