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Runescape dragon gift box is on sale now

May-30-2013 PST

Is known to all, dragon gift box can convert any equipment and clothing become unthinkable. It is my pleased to announce that dragon gift box will now work on weapons and shields! Can take in each weapon, main hand is one hand or both hands, off-hand weapon or shield on the other hand. Then, when you have a matching type of weapon and equipment in the corresponding hand, your choice of arms or the shield will be displayed.

Dragon gift box still work the same as before, you will find it in your account 'equipment' under the label of the interface. From my store with your chosen dragon gift box of the weapon - store it as a visual coverage, while maintaining your equipment and the effect of the weapon Runescape Gold rewards. Please note you to store each item need a separate key, so you will need two, if you want to store the project per hand.

For token key all the details of how to use the dragon, please visit our wiki. If you have any further questions, please visit our dedicated to common problems. Dragon products from my store is key - individual, and at 3 and 6 packages - so please do drop at the time of your convenience as soon as possible. If you want to purchase additional Runescape Gold, you can do it, or click "buy" my shop here in Runescape Gold. Don't forget, I offer a 10% discount to all members.