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Runescape community round from August 22 to 24

Aug-24-2013 PST

We more than Tip. It friend has released the divination skills planners and calculator, it can really help you to get the most XP per hour is definitely worth checking out does not waste any XP! Hosting RuneSlayer divination skills competition on their web sites, and you may have missed the first assault competition, there are two ongoing sample divination it's not too late to join!

Why don't you increase the chances of winning, joined in the RuneZone divination skills contest? To find the answer the sacred divine inspiration behind? MODS and Anna Zhang Xiao answer your question left, right and center a bookmark trading AMAA yesterday can be found here. We have a lot of tic flow plan in the coming days, the team behind the divination, is definitely worth your alarm Settings, so you don't miss them. : on Thursday 5:00pm, BST (1:00 p.m. edt) - MOD Benji. Friday: daylight saving time in the afternoon 4:00 PM (est) at noon - MOD Gamesses. 6 PM, BST (2:00pm et) - MOD Hew.

If you don't have time a we tic livestreams? If your answer is yes, then Willmissit defense mark the end of the recent convulsions flow could be just what you are looking for! Nightwish RS channel, he recorded his journey through Gielinor so far. Definitely worth watching to Runescape Gold revisit some epic memories. NYChannelRS enjoy the latest skills, created this lovely pictures, she and her baby troll. At the same time, for those who never left the battle of Lumbridge, MysticDragons has done his Zamorak.

Before you go, don't forget, behind the winner of a podcast tonight will be the latest MODS osborne and Rowley (MOD mark sent an apology) to discuss on the door of a mysterious world RuneRadio usual, you can listen to a podcast on our Podbean site or search on iTunes! It's time to stop wasting XP and divination lead to decline. See energy crack!