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Runescape community review in this week

Aug-11-2013 PST

Eager to get some more insight into the upcoming divination ability, it involves Runescape from the perspective of a winner? You have to adjust to the RuneRadio tonight at 9 PM BST, dead player mod osborne will hold a discussion just the theme of podcast! As usual, if you can't catch up with the radio, you can still hear shortly after the incident, in our archives Podbean broadcasts, and iTunes.

It is time for 7 RuneZone skilling game! This month's theme is fishing, the event will be from August 14th, will run for two weeks, ended 28. Highest prize is 1 million Runescape Gold, GP, so the head to the registration event thread! Have you ever try to conquer the minigame? Campaign team RuneHQ running event this Saturday (10 August), the head all the details of the thread, if you want to be involved in. If turn-based strategy isn't your thing, TMHT Tip. It monster hunting solved Saradomin god of war underground city on Saturday. They check out time of BBS threads and requirements, if you want to join in

His training has been Kyleinkman craft level, and created from these great rare Perler bead! Almost potential based on a true story. Maybe. Runescape Castle - war story Big Chinchompa. For more Runescape community video, why don't you take a look at our YouTube channel community?

So it seems regicide like collecting boots, have accumulated quite a lot! Anyone have any random collection in Runescape? Order or chaos? Which one will you choose? This is really cool image by the elevator. This lovely paper-cut picture, titled Mr. Ross pets: microraptor created by talented Songofthevalley. This is all of the wonderful activities this week to review! Until next time, enjoy!