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Runescape campfire Q and A is coming

Jun-08-2013 PST

Arts make us mad, we at the same time we absorb and filling. Thanks for art, we can see the world through our own imagination lens, and share in our mad dreamers. We gossip said nothing. We create the world of ideas. Around the bonfire, we sped behind today and meet some rich and imaginative world, are the creator of Gielinor. Whether you are a student of art. Do you have any interest in the visual arts, or are you just curious, this is your chance, what do you always want to ask the art team Runescape. Live Q&A will kick off in our BBS.

As a bonus, if you want to one of our artists give you some feedback on your work, put it onto our deviantART page new WIP folder. Then, we will let our artists from five different players choose 5 pictures and comments. As always, continue to send, show us your wonderful work. To the drawing board, and make sure that we won't miss genius! Whether it is in our gallery, our deviantART page, or in the community turn up, we always see the talented and creative players!

Often ask questions: what is "around the campfire 'session?

Around the bonfire, on-site q&a form held in our BBS. Every time we invite different JMods from various team RUNESCAPE you talk about what they do, or is currently, and - of course - hanging out, and have a good time! You ask yourself this question, we will be a lot of, we can answer.

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