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Runescape Votes League 99 to 120

Sep-28-2014 PST

They should get Vote for 99 to 120, I heard most peoples want so bad for each skills lv. 120 for Master of Runescape why? Because they did added for Master Skill Capes, well let's be Votes from Power to the Players.


This is Votes:
Players want stay Level 99 each skills (Dungeoneering 99 to 120).

This is Votes:
Players want level up 99 to 120 each skills.
120 will grow very strong.

This is Votes:
Players want level up 120/99 each skills.
120 will grow very strong.


Don't need worry about it, Max Cape can stay 99 levels, it's new Master skillcapes for 120 levels Skills will be call: New Master Max Cape/New Elite Max Cape or Completionist cape. When Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Constitution, and Summon is all Level 120 will be Combat Lv. 150 or more.


More Important Weapons and Armours will very powerful Lv. 120

My Thread: Solomon's Everything | Runescape Votes Lv. 99 to 120 | Valkyrie of Queen Angel | Construction need re-work


120 content while being a necessity sooner or later, it's not necessary right now.

There are still alot of gaps in some skills for powerleveling. Every skill should have a decent training method every 5 or so levels, AND THEN, Jagex should question the community if we want 120 right now or later.

Simply pushing the level cap to 120 next month, it would completly make no sense and potentially ruin content for alot of skills. Like the skill reworks they mentioned.

It would be nice at some point, that they added 100-120 levels to every skill, and in order to achieve those levels non-cosmetically you would have to quest for them. Like unlock them via quest. Imagine doing an elder god series finale quest, and it rewards a selection of skills that can be trained over level 99 non cosmetically, and unlocking new potential rewards from that.

Pretty much it's like getting advice towards skill from a greater source of power, as of now, we can level up to 99 under the guidance of weaker gods, elder gods are most likely to be on top of the chain in terms of power, which means, when you get to work for them, you could unlock higher potential in each skill.