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Runescape Videos and Photos


Runescape Videos and Photos

SirMikkel created a spooky story as a Golden Gnomes competition entry – he didn’t quite make it, but it’s still a great clip to watch!



RuneFest has finished, but that doesn’t mean it's gone! There are loads of pictures of the event on the RuneScape Facebook page, such as the one below. Don’t forget to tag yourself in your Let Me Take an Elfie picture too!

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If you weren’t at the event, or were too busy to make the Meet the Maker sessions, then we’ve posted all of those videos up on the RuneScape YouTube page – make sure you give them a watch! There’s the Old School Team, the Elf City Team and the Lore guys all talking to players on the day about their role and their creations.


Mod Kalaya and Mod Neena are hosting an Ironman special event on Friday 17th, held near Draynor bank for groups of Ironmen to train together. Whether you want to chop willows, throw logs onto a bonfire, catch fish or more, there’ll be something to train your Ironman there!

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Aorox is in charge of a continuous weekend event thread. This weekend, it’s Heist on Saturday the 18th. Make sure you check out this thread for full details, and get involved for the recurring events!



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