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Runescape Updates Jagex Begins Turning To Its Players For Advice

Mar-04-2014 PST

Jagex has long been criticized for their controversial Runescape updates. For years, veteran players bashed the idea of the Grand Exchange. It wasn’t until Jagex finally decided it was in the game’s best interest to include the voice of its players that the changes were reverted and the wilderness, along with no trade limits, were restored.


Fast forward to 2014 and it’s a feature that Runescape has continued to evolve. They are now suggesting several options and allowing users to vote for which update they would rather have. The latest edition asked players which monster they would like to have improved drops. The player base suggested demons, which isn’t surprising considering demons are among the most popular slayable monsters in the free version of Runescape.


Abyssal Weapons
Unfortunately, many players are still upset with the direction Runescape updates has recently been moving. While Jagex claims to have its players’ best interest at heart, the seemingly constant inclusion of more and more micro transactions have caused many players to question the company’s current success. While they continue to tweak these transactions into playable mini-games, many players assume it’s a simple disguise meant to squeeze more money from a dying player base. With free-to-play models like League of Legends growing, players are becoming reluctant to pay monthly payments if Runescape’s updates require extra premiums.


Treasure Hunter
Regardless, it’s nice to see Jagex take an interest in its Runescape community. They’re beginning to realize that not only do early announcements lead to hype among the player base, but it also allows them to spend time and money on updates players actually care about. It will certainly be interesting to see the marketing approach Jagex will follow moving forward.