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Runescape Update Skillcape Perk Improvements

May-12-2017 PST

This week, skillcape perks will be improved, which makes them more useful and let you use the perks of your mounted skillcapes!


Mounted Skillcape Perks


As of today's update, you can use the perks of mounted Construction, Crafting, Fishing, Fletching, Hunter, Magic Strength, Herblore, Quest, Diary, Music and Max skillcapes! (But it is only possible for the house owner to use the perks of mounted skill capes.



Perk Improvements


Jagex not only makes improvements to skillcape perks, but also makes some existing perks better. Read on more details!




The Agility skillcape and Max cape now have a daily perk which restores 100% run energy and provides the effect of a stamina potion for one minute.




The Construction skillcape now offers a quick right-click teleport to house option.




The Firemaking skillcape and Max cape now act as a lightsource when they are held in your inventory, as well as when they are worn.




When equipped, the Herblore skillcape and the Max cape now allow you to create unfinished potions using grimy herbs. You are still awarded the full experience for cleaning the herb as the potion is created.




The Prayer skillcape and Max cape now provide the Holy Wrench effect when they are held in your inventory, as well as when they are worn.




The Smithing skillcape and the Max cape now provide the effect of the Goldsmithing gauntlets when worn, in addition to their existing perks.


Achievement Diary cape


The Achievement Diary skillcape now provides 10 teleports per day rather than 5.


Taverley Dungeon Expansion


You now can find Twelve additional blue dragons in an expansion to Taverley Dungeon, which are available from the existing blue dragon area within the dungeon, or via a shortcut requiring level 70 Agility found near the dungeon entrance.


All of the blue dragons found in this extended area. If you want to kill the blue dragons, you are required to finish blue dragon Slayer assignment.


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