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Runescape Upcoming Update Skilling Pets and Cosmetic Overrides for God Books

Jun-10-2017 PST

Skilling Pets


In 2017, skilling pets will be added for combat skills (including Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Summoning, Strength, Ranged and Prayer). Players will be able to submit concepts for the combat skilling pets as part of a competition. The ninja team will select their top 5 concepts for each skilling pet and players will be able to vote for their favourite concept via an in-game poll.


There may additionally be pets for clue scroll and minigame completion. There will also be the pet park, a place to store pets and potentially unlock hidden rewards for collecting different groups of pets. Players may also be able to customise their pet park and command their pets to work for them, similar to in Managing Miscellania.


Cosmetic Overrides for God Books


Mod Orion is working on making cosmetic overrides for god books during his personal project time. Players will be able to use different recolours if they have created the corresponding god books. Additional colours will be available if the player has all other recolours unlocked. These features were expected to appear in-game in late February, but have yet to be released.


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