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Runescape Upcoming Update Invention Batch 2


Runescape Upcoming Update Invention Batch 2

Surprise! Invention Batch 2 will release in this month with unfinished parts of the skills and quality of life fixes. Read on for more details.


Quality of life changes will conclude a bag to store gizmos and remove gizmos from items without having to destroy the item or gizmo. Gizmo shells will become stackable and up to 60 may be made in one action. What's more, Augmentors will become tradeable and the inspiration mechanic will be removed. And the visibility of cogs on augmented items will become selectable.


In Invention Guild and higher level devices will be added between level 99 and 120 with the addition of machines but new perks or technology trees will not be added. Construction-like hotspots will be used to build Machines. Possible machines consist of the power generator, potion maker and auto-alcher. New devices will conclude the auto-siphon and adrenaline dummies. It's beneficial for levelling items over level 10 but not beneficial for disassembling or siphoning equipment.


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