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Runescape Upcoming Update Boss kill times hiscores

May-22-2017 PST

Hello, Runescape fans, Do you expect them? Players' boss kill times will be reset and a new system of kill time hiscores will be added in 2017. Now, let me introduce the new bosses to you!


The Ambassador


The Ambassador was originally announced as a solo only boss at RuneFest 2016. But now Jagex take it into consideration based on player feedback. They are now considering a fight involving 1-5 players.


How to Join Musical Raids


1. Players must board a space ship to enter the encounter


2. co-operate as a team to maintain their ship's wellbeing by following instructions which are given to them.


3. If the team is able to successfully maintain ship wellbeing then they will arrive at the boss fight.


During the fight the players will fight in combat against Beatsmaster Zurgdag (Beastmaster Durzag) while music is played. Yamaharu (Yakamaru) will spectate the fight. Additional mechanics will involve maintaining the players' volume meter while decreasing the volume meter of the bosses.


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