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Runescape Tweaks Serpentine Helm and more

May-28-2017 PST

Based on player's feedback, Jagex has made some tweaks this week, such as Serpentine Helm, Elite Void Ranged and Shark Fishing. Now, we will share some information to you!


Serpentine Helm


Because the Serpentine Helm does not offer enough for a costly, top tier helm. Jagex now have made the following change: when worn, the Serpentine Helm has a chance of applying venom to NPCs attacked with melee combat. Venom is not applied to NPCs who attack you, which means you won't be able to passively kill monsters from afar, you will be able to apply venom to specific monsters you target with melee.


Elite Void Ranged


Jagex has now increased the damage boost of Elite Void Ranged from 10% to 12.5%. Jagex also said this change will create a bit more of a distinction between the standard Void equipment and the Elite set. He also aware that the community have felt that the Magic Void set simply isn't worth using. We definitely agree, and we are open to discussing improvements to this set - if you have suggestions, be sure to send them our way!


Shark Fishing


Because fishing sharks at any level is quite slow, so Jagex will be considering content changes which will offer more effective ways to fish sharks.


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