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Runescape Treasure Hunter Elite Training Dummies

Aug-12-2014 PST

Unlock a Treasure Hunter chest from Tuesday 11th August to Monday 18th August for a chance to win a crate containing Elite Training Dummies. Get your hands on small (3 dummies), medium (5 dummies), or large (7 dummies) crates before opening them and selecting your chosen combat style. Pick all melee, all ranged, or all magic training dummies, or mix and match to work all combat skills – put your dummy down and start whacking away!


Blast, shoot, or slash your chosen dummy until it topples over to gain XP and watch as it springs back to life a total of 4 times! Keep at it as when your dummy falls for the 5th time you’ll reap some explosive XP rewards! The health of your dummies, as well as the XP benefits they bring is based on your overall level, and remember, melee dummies can only be destroyed using melee, magic dummies by magic and so on.


When training with your Elite Combat Dummies bear the following in mind:

Your dummy will need to be placed in a one square exclusion zone – don’t try to place it too close to other objects in game.
No AOE or multiple target effects will work on your dummies.
Life steal won’t work on your dummies either.
Your followers won’t be able to damage your dummies.
When placing your dummies you’ll find you can’t put them down in a bank, the Wilderness, or within a mini game.


Open Treasure Hunter Chests between Tuesday 12th August at 00:00 GMT and Monday 18th August at 23:59 GMT to win crates filled with Elite Training Dummies.


Everyone gets at least one Key every day, and if you’re a RuneScape member you’ll get two! Get your hands on even more through gameplay – just visit the wiki to find out how, and learn a little more about Treasure Hunter at the same time.