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Runescape Surprise After Another Closed Beta Open


Runescape Surprise After Another Closed Beta Open

After months of anxious waiting intelligent game arena finally open beta, Chinese style architecture scene, traditional clothing accessories that have made Runescape emitting a strong martial arts style. In addition to the distinctive game play, beautiful picture, Runescape as well as set various suction striking detail, let us work together to Fun Runescape quack Runescape it.


With intelligent online Runescape open beta , open beta activity in the region every day fun. All online players at the beginning of each day on the line, will be able to participate in activities sign , sign celebrating after receiving a beta package , open the package you can get beta medals and other objects , measured by using a different number of medals , they can not exchange value etc.


At the time of the completion of daily tasks , you can get text boxes , and then open the gift box can randomly get one Celebratedness arena Niece Runescape five words , as long as the assembly of five characters will be able to award-winning according to the word of a different quality , exchange of gifts is different, by combining five words , get a different quality package .


Remove these during the daily Le activity continued , half past eight pm daily beginning , just stay on the line , will be able to participate in closed beta grab envelopes activity , a large number of non- bound items waiting for you to grab .


There are security through physical examination, on account of their own safety checks , to different safety standards , will be able to receive different rewards oh packs can get 800 liters Highest Star gems reward.


Just enter the new Runescape , by guiding intelligence engine to quickly start the game , no longer difficult to integrate into the game did not feel before . By guiding intelligent engine , players can quickly understand the need to complete their current goals , as well as upgrading the fastest way to become strong in the guide window. Wishing wishful statues by completing the task , you can get a lot of bonus items every day , and even silver award .


In the intelligence games Runescape arena Runescape, the integration of the existence of the auction house . Players can by themselves do not need to register or some valuable items in the auction house auction. To sell their goods through the auction of the way , so as to obtain the maximum benefit . Avoided due to ignorance which led to his low price quotes some priceless treasures. By auction houses, earn their own money for the journey arena .


Walking Runescape , the name does not have a head how loud can . In the intelligence games Runescape arena Runescape, the query list, you can quickly learn how their own level in a political arena . Not just the strength of the ranking. Through the list, you can access a variety of rank their various ranks , fighting , feats , family, etc. Assembly resorting to violence . Even their own country national rankings can check on the charts . By querying the list, found himself gap, and enhance their strength.

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