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Runescape Summer Party Beach and Buy Cheap Rs Gold


Runescape Summer Party Beach and Buy Cheap Rs Gold

As summer is ahead, summer party beach is back to Runescape. Now you can go to Lumbridge Crater to join in this event. Picking up a treasure map from Reyna, you are able to collect a prize a day.


What summer skilling activities you can enjoy?


In this summer party beach, you can enjoy such summer skilling activities: the coconut shy, barbecues, rock pool fishing, muscle-beach weightlifting and much more.


What's changes and rewards in this summer party beach?


A new terrorbird racing course and a Menaphos-themed Construction sandcastle will be the changes in summer party beach. You also can collect some new cosmetic rewards, including Clawdia balloon, Sandcastle pet, Octopus pet, Gleefully colourful parasols, Pyramid hat, 'Palm Tree Hammock' rest animation and Bubble blower.


In addition, 'Slo-Mo Run' walk animation will be accessible if you finish 10 laps of Terrorbird course, but if you want to unlock the previous year's Terrorbird Racing reward, you are required to do other 10 laps. You'll unlock and all-new tittle if you collect everything.


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