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Runescape Solo Boss Oreb the Magister is Live Now


Runescape Solo Boss Oreb the Magister is Live Now

Today, Oreb the Magister, Runescape solo boss is coming, since Jagex has postponed the release of Oreb the Magister. Here is some information about it.


Where can you find Oreb the Magister?


Oreb the Magister is located in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.


What require you to confront the Magister?


To confront the Magister, it requires level 115 Slayer (boostable by using items such as the Wilder pie) and a Key to the Crossing. The key to the Crossing will be consumed when you used it and without return when the kill is failed.


What abilities of the Magister?


There are several abilities of the Magister, including a soul obelisk. It can drain the player's Constitution level and affects the amount of health food can heal when eaten in addition to the player's maximum lifepoints. What's more, the slayer helmet will not apply the damage and accuracy buffs against the Magister.


What will the Magister drop from?


You can get five lore books and a bobblehead pet (unlocked in the same manner as all regular boss pets)from the drops of the Magister. Torn pieces of scripture comes from the premier drops of the Magister. You can choose one of these blessings to create one blessing, including the Blessing of the Sea, the Blessing of the Sky, and the Blessing of the Sun. Three of these blessings will require tier-92 dual-wield melee weapons.


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