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Runescape QBD requirements you do not know

May-22-2013 PST

QBD there are a lot of reason to kill you, the first operating properly 1 hours, 6, 7 M should be no problem (steel Titan, drygores will be faster), a steady income not like GWD, C beast by RP, and every time there will be a dragonkin after QBD coffer to you put something in the bank; Royal crossbow as is currently the most powerful range need QBD forging weapons fire forging, which requires you to QBD fourth stage; It's two main could be interested in the 4 books; It is easy to reach, not afraid dead, banking easier

The minimum requirements

1. Super antifire potion, don't have this or don't call, the 2 h weapon output far more than 1 h

2. Hand cannon (75 range) + Karil minimum requirements

3.68 summoning war tortoise for beginners is a request, after skilled can not BOB

4. Speed is not slow

My recommend

1. The Royal crossbow

2.92 open soulsplit prayer, you will find that the protection, prayer is not much use

3. If you have extreme range, anguish will be better

Cape available skillcape, equipment available for skilled void replacing, ring have better use, when crash-tested with glory to murmur is fine, I prefer glory prayer bonus. The Scrimshaw available vampirism, aura himself.

Backpack: skilled after almost don't want the food, but consider you are a novice, then take the food as much as possible, when I was playing after can only kill one or two at a time

Note: this is I want to stay more than 4 hours of equipment, a novice, please take the food, the other is less

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