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Runescape Pest Control and Open Weekend


Runescape Pest Control and Open Weekend

Pest Control


Winning a battle in The Void Knights now, you can earn 3 points from the easy boat, 4 points from the medium boat and 5 points from the hard boat, if you've shown sufficient zeal in the fight.


How to get rewards in Pest Control?


1. Stand around like a lemon while your comrades do the rest of the work.


2. The Void Knights have introduced a simple activity bar to ensure their recruits pull their weight.


3. Keep your activity bar above zero throughout the course of the battle they'll let you have your reward at the end.


Note that: when calculating your magical accuracy, you can give a 30% buff to your Magic stat.


Open Weekend


Open Weekend will start from June 8 to June 12. In this weekend you can try any quests, challenge any bosses you want and spin some flax.


After 5th June, 2017, the accounts created will need a proper membership subscription to access the members' worlds, such as New User, Free Player and Member.


Since Open Weekend doesn't truly make you a member. It simply lifts the restrictions that stop you playing on members' worlds and allows access to members-only in-game content. You will not be able to access members-only features such as changing your character name.


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