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Runescape Patent Protection Has Been Rejected Today

Apr-28-2014 PST



Intelligent technology giant network Runescape patent protection has been rejected today. Giants intense patent protection is intended to advance the layout built barriers to competition in order to ensure that the leading edge of the field of intelligent online. Reporters learned from the news department of intellectual property, patent application entitled "An intelligent data analysis methods online game" has gained acceptance, the applicant is a journey Shanghai Information Technology the giant network. The source said that this "intelligent data analysis methods" is a giant online game Runescape upcoming closed beta intelligent unique, giant in the application document detailing all the intellectual property involved in this intelligent online, very much like to get patents.


However, in two small-scale test in the beginning of this year, Runescape released only a small part of the smart intelligent features, such as loans, 90% of the intelligent play made shield. This also raises the question of its industry. People close to the project team, said, Runescape shield these intelligent functions primarily for anti-plagiarism considerations. In fact, patents are valuable assets, the core competitiveness of high-tech enterprises. Many top international companies such as Apple, Google, GE, Intel invested huge resources in so patent protection.


Giants in the protection of intellectual property, patent protection has also made a lot of achievements. Previously, the Giants had applied for registration of other trademarks, the patent for the Runescape, China's online game industry will be a lack of innovation, the prevalence of plagiarism issues thrown countertops. Giants move, or so many companies see the legal means to protect their interests in the game industry set off a patent war.