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Runescape Mining Guild Expansion

Jun-15-2017 PST

Jagex decide to show the guild some love in the form of an expansion, as well as introduce new mining equipment, and a whole new mineral to mine due to the long-term neglected Mining Guild.


Improvements to the existing guild


Jagex want to add 2 Adamantite and 4 Iron rocks into the present guild, which allows the guild to compete with other free-to-play mining areas. Then, he also want to add two new shops: one for ores and one for pickaxes. The ore shop would have no stock by default.


The Expansion area


Jagex want to add a new members-only area to the guild contains a bank with a deposit box and a poll booth. The new additions in this area are as follows: 8 Iron, 20 Coal, 10 Mithril, 8 Adamantite, 1 Runite and 2 Runite Golems.


In the new guild area you will receive an invisible passive +7 boost to your Mining level. This will improve your chances at mining ores, but will not allow you to access rocks which require a higher level than you have. This boost stacks with other boosts to your Mining level.




This is a new mineral for you you mine. Quartz requires 92 Mining, and the Quartz crystals obtained through mining here can be used to create all new Arrows, Bolts, and Javelins. Mining Quartz would provide roughly 22,000 XP per hour on average at level 92 Mining, or 26,000 XP per hour on average at level 99 Mining. Note that All Quartz items are tradeable.


Mining Gloves


Here you will be able to obtain some Unidentified Minerals alongside the usual ores obtained. This minerals can be traded for Mining Gloves. There are two variants of these gloves: standard, and superior. The standard gloves provide a chance of Silver, Coal, and Gold rocks instantly respawning when worn. While the superior gloves provide a chance of Mithril, Adamantite and Runite rocks instantly respawning when worn.


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