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Runescape Menaphos Quests

May-23-2017 PST

With the release of Menaphos, the quests like Jack of Spades, Crondis quest, Elder Gods quest and Evil Dave quest will be added into Menaphos. What' s more, there are other quests waiting for you!


Sliske's Endgame


Sliske's Endgame is the finale to the Sliske quest series and will be replayable. Since it released on 19 December 2016, now Mod Raven has completed the following fixes, said in Twitter:


1. Ability to play through a second time.


2. Adjust past choices on non-canon playthroughs.


3. Add a "lore maze" for non-canon playthroughs where players can go straight to the maze, skip solving it and just do the interaction parts. Players will be able to choose what interactions they will have in what order.


4. Fix clickout bug for interactions so players will be able to see if they missed interactions.


5. Change dialogue in final scene so that the player can pledge the stone to a god of their choice.


6. Adjust dialogue for Zaros, if you are loyal to him.


7. Added Akrisae to the final scene.


8. Updated model for Sliske to have the staff at the stone scene.


9. Other potential fixes are making shards augmentable; letting the player get Armadyl's feather if they are loyal to him throughout the quest; and making the maze interface show which rooms the player has already been through.


Murder Mystery quest


This quest will only involve female characters based around discovering who has killed a beloved character. After solving the murder mystery, you can investigates the environment and enters text into a "search engine" interface to receive more clues in a unique mechanic of the quest.


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