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Runescape Menaphos Quest Crocodile Tears

Jun-26-2017 PST

Since Menaphos was released on June 5, there are many funny and new gameplay adding within the Golden City. Today, we will talk about the guides about Crocodile Tears.


What is Crocodile Tears?

Crocodile Tears is a quest featuring the Menaphite goddess Crondis.


What is the requirements of Crocodile Tears?

If you want to complete Crocodile Tears Quest, you are required 73 Hunter, 72 Fishing, 47 Woodcutting, 30 Agility and Rank 3 overall Menaphos reputation.


Which items is the best recommendation?

1. Food and equipment for the boss fight

2. Pharaoh's sceptre/Sceptre of the gods (for Sophanem and Agility Pyramid)

3. Desert amulet 2 (or higher for easy Uzer Mastaba access)

4. TokKul-Zo also works (teleport to fight caves and use the fairy ring to dlq then run east)

5. Dominion medallion (for quick access to the Elid cave)

6. Waterskin or enchanted water tiara for desert heat

7. Super energy potion or Explorer's Ring 4 to refresh run energy

8. Port district teleport/Slayer Codex (if unlocked) and Imperial district teleport tablets or access to the Menaphos lodestone


What rewards can you get from Crocodile Tears?

1. 1 quest point

2. 35,000 Fishing experience

3. 35,000 Hunter experience

4. 15,000 Agility experience

5. 15,000 Woodcutting experience

6. Immunity from desert heat

7. A relic of Crondis, giving 5,500 reputation with a faction in Menaphos of your choice.

8. 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice


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