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Runescape Menaphos Gameplay Trailer and Jack of Spades

Jun-03-2017 PST

As Runescape Menaphos will be arriving in June 5th, there are many interesting gameplay added in. Now, we will share the information to you!


Gameplay Trailer


Picking up where the Runefest teaser left off, you’ll follow Ozan for a sneaky peek inside. Watch on, and enjoy – the day when you’ll walk the Golden City’s streets youself is tantalisingly close.


Jack of Spades


Jabari will tell you that there are two kinds of people: the rich, and those who take from them. Of the latter group, the Jack of Spades is king. On occasion, he steals to give to the poor. On others, he steals for the joy of the act. No one has seen beneath Jack’s cowl, making him a figure to fear or idolise, depending on which of the two groups you ascribe to.


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